This throwback post dates back to December 2016 when I visited New York, and yes I am going to be cheesy and label this experience as a trip of a lifetime-sorry i can’t help it…       I am mainly going to let the photos to show the story of my amazing trip, however I can’t help but miss this trip when I reflect on the unforgettable memories captured within this lively city. Alongside taking photos on my phone, I decided to buy a few disposable cameras to capture special moments on; I especially love how these have turned out as the developed film gives a vintage look to the overall image- I hope these images help you fall in love with this city as much as they have effected me!



I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to be even sat here at 8pm on a Wednesday night drinking tea out of a New York Starbucks mug (Yes I am slightly sad like that… however It is vital that I mention how surprising the amount of Starbucks there actually were within the city compared to the single caffe which occupies Middlesbrough); discussing the things I got up to within the beautiful city.


During our trip, we obviously had to engage in typical tourist activities; such as taking an bus tour around the city (which was freezing in mid December, if you are planning to visit in Winter  definitely be prepared); shopping a little to much, a LOT of walking to sight see and importantly to view the christmas displays.



Now I definitely can’t write about my experience of my trip to the big city without sharing my shopping experience, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Most of my shopping took place in Urban Outfitters, which was great as the clothes were reasonably cheap due to many amazing offers available to use in store- it was safe to say most of savings where left here but in exchange for gorgeous clothes, obviously! Also another shop which stands out to be poplar location, was Sephora; after watching and reading about endless Sephora hauls online I was finally able to join the hype and look through makeup heaven.


I Hope you enjoyed looking back on this trip with me, If you ever have the chance I would highly recommend visiting (especially at Christmas to witness all of the festivities); as it gives you the opportunity to pretend to live the life of a city resident in New York- for a few days at least. There is something so amazing about standing still within a city that literally never sleeps, whether you are watching people quickly commute to and from work, standing to pay respect at the Twin Tower memorial, sitting peacefully in Central Park to take in the picturesque views, looking out onto the Statue of Liberty or encompassed by the hustle and bustle of Times square; you will always feel strong connection and emotions towards the constant environment. Until next time,

Hannah  xoxo