This post is all about loving the facilities in your local area; and in my case I have decided that it is time that I start to appreciate the own I live in (Middlesbrough) and prove the negative stereotypical views forced upon the area. I have started this journey  by visiting a key facility within Middlesbrough; Mima modern art gallery. I am ashamed to say that it has been years since I have last visited Mima, the last time being in a school art trip, and decided that It was time I visited the gallery again.



Knowing my luck, I recently visited Mima when two of the three available exhibits were being changed over; meaning that only one exhibition named ‘The Middlesbrough Collection’ was available to view. However, this didn’t put us off at all but simply made us insist on making the decision to visit the gallery soon when the new exhibitions are available for the public to view.


I love the name of this exhibition, ‘The Middlesborough Collection’, because it not only unintentionally helps support my push for embracing and appreciating my local facilities; the collection can be seen as a salute towards the area and the amazing talented art within it.


On entrance, which avaialable free of charge for the public to use, I picked up a card that further explains the significance of the exhibition- which i would definitely recommend taking. The collection, which celebrates ten years of the galleries presence within Middlesbrough, was stated to have been shaped “through a dialogue between staff and the community, with the museum’s users, constituent groups and visitors suggesting it’s content”. I especially love this backstory to the collection as it adds sentimental value to the collection and truly showcases and values the various voices of the community within Middlesbrough. The images within this post capture some of the amazing art pieces within the collection and the vibrant and complimentary ways in which the meaningful art is presented.


The Middlesbrough collection is available to be viewed on both public and guided store tours which allow visitors to view pieces of the collection that are currently not on view and listen to short talks hosted by local enthusiasts. All of this information and more on future events held at Mima is available on their website;


Before leaving the gallery, we made a trip to the restaurant within Mima named ‘The Smeltery’. This perfectly complimented the surrounding environment that offered an amazing choice of food which is primarily vegetarian; and was accompanied by a view of the surrounding green area accompanied by the Middlesbrough library.


Overall, I insist that you visit Mima if you have the opportunity and take advantage of the free facilities within Middlesbrough; as it was a great opportunity to appreciate art in a relaxed and calming environment. Similarly if you are not located in or around Middlesbrough, I hope you too can start to appreciate some places that essentially shape an area and give it a sense of meaning-despite the fact that in reality we can all admit to have forgotten about them but this can soon change by showing your home town some love. Until next time,

Hannah M xoxo