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Escape From Reality…

This is the first post on my blog, electricdreamersite; since leaving school and starting college I have noticed the importance of escaping reality and having time to yourself. I have created this blog as a way to do this and hope that my posts can help others to do so; I appreciate that the thought of growing up and thinking about what you want to do in the future (in my case worrying about if I will ever be good in enough to study my chosen course at uni or if I will even be accepted for my universities!); is extremely stressful but we should have time to enjoy the things we love in life the most. In Order to escape reality I surround myself with my interests of music (mainly indie rock music; currently I am obsessed with Catfish and the Bottlemen!) as well beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics. I hope that by beginning this journey I can fall in love with blogging and help myself as well as others to escape from realty,until next time,

Hannah xoxo

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A Guide To Autumn Trends- Highstreet edition

Were Talking Textures…

This season is all about wrapping up and dressing up. Below are a few of my favourite autumn trends which can be easily be adapted to fit your wardrobe and style. Happy Shopping!

A Nod to the 70’s

IMG_9205.PNGThroughout the year designers flick through the decades within their clothing and now the focus is all on nailing that seventies trend. An easy way to achieve this look is a pair of cord trousers, these £60 BDG blush pink wide leg pair from Urban Outfitters are the perfect wardrobe staple for this season.

A tailored look

IMG_9203.PNGA suit co ord is a must have this season, this mustard suit from Topshop not only channels autumn through this gorgeous season appropriate colour but it’s texture ticks all the boxes required for autumn styling. Also available in a blush pink, this suit retailers for £117 and will definitely be a sell out- so act fast!

All about the boots

IMG_9204.PNGA pair of boots is essential at this time of year, the right pair can not only look great but can easily be taken from day to night. This pair of hot pink suede boots sold for £60 are available to buy from River Island- you don’t wan’t to miss out on this purchase.

All the rights of the photos go to the original owners.

Trend Talk: Slogan T-shirts

It has dawned on me that I haven’t spent as much attention on this blog as I should have been, admittedly college had become pretty hectic and the stress of University has been introduced in all of 1st year’s lives. However, one thing that looking around Universities has taught me is how passionate I am to work in fashion throughout my life. My solution to this, you may ask? To continue to what I love to do, blogging. And what better way to do this than introduce a brand new series to the blog, which I am calling ‘Trend Talk’. Creative title, I know!

pink backround with jacket on

Before we jump straight into this, I would like to share another post I did for Unidays’ blog based on the embroidery trend which has dominated Spring/Summer 17. The post showcases Topshop’s best pieces on offer and it would truly mean the world if you could check the link out.


Enough of the introductory ramble, I had to share my obsession with slogan t-shirts this season because anyone who has seen me recently will know that this is my go to college style however it creates an outfit that is relaxed but seriously on trend. I am wearing this amazing Topshop T-Shirt in the pictures that can easily be styled with casual trousers, jeans or would look great tucked into a skirt- and besides this top not only looks amazing styled but includes an empowering statement at the same time; a win, win situation if you ask me! I have chosen to style this with my favourite Topshop Boutique blazer, because it gives me the perfect excuse to wear it; however any light jacket will do to keep warm on those cooler summer nights.

pink wall image 2

If this T-shirt isn’t taking your fancy I have linked a few more below from a range of price points and brands to check out, some of these listed below are currently favourites in my growing collection.

Topshop, £16 (A great dupe for the popular Gucci T-shirt)

Urban Outfitters, £26

Newlook, £7.99


pink wall image 3

I hope you embrace and enjoy incorporating this trend within your wardrobe as much as I have, I have honestly enjoyed writing this post so much and can’t wait to see what the future brings regarding this blog.

Until next time,

Hannah M x

Future… An Original Poem

Eyes shut tight but the aspirations of my future shine bright through my naïve eyelids,

The pile of books tower over me like the fairy tale castle I once dreamed of,

My growing bones shake as the anxiety of my future strikes me like a bolt of vicious lightening,

The clock ticks; singing a melancholy melody,

A distinct knock jolts me from my imaginative state,

I open the door,

Too soon,

I close the door,

Returning to reality.

Hannah Miller

Independent Clothing Brands? Never heard of them…

This post is set to defeat the overload of high street brands within our wardrobes and convince us all to introduce more independently designed and styled pieces into our everyday outfits. A few weeks ago, I discovered a London based and independently owned women’s clothing brand named Nobody’s Child.

Since placing my order I have instantly fallen in love with the concept of this brand which aims to offer unique pieces which can fit into anyone’s wardrobe; I was defiantly sold when the company released a statement which totally captured my interest ‘Carry a polaroid & think everything sounds better on vinyl?’- It was at this moment that this brand stole my heart and bank balance! When looking through the clothes designed by the brand I could definitely  see the indie influence within the pieces; a sense of style which I really like to incorporate within my everyday outfits- I had also seen other bloggers frequently style their pieces in posts which defiantly convinced me to have a look.

dress 1dress 2

Dress- Nobody’s Child

Jacket – Vintage denim jacket

Bag- Ted Baker

Shoes- Topshop black leather sock boot

I have to applaud the brand for their extremely reasonable prices which make it even easier to want to buy the entire website; as well as the 15% student discount they have on offer. As I ordered three items of clothing, I qualified for free next day delivery; I was really shocked on how quick my parcel came and how quick and easy the overall ordering process was. There are little special touches within this brand which makes ordering from them a joy, one stand out feature being that the clothes are packaged in a brown paper potato stack- style envelope with their logo elegantly printed on.

top 2top 1

Cami Top- Nobody’s Child

Turtle Neck- Topshop

Bag- Marks and Spencer; Vogue edit

Jeans- Urban Outfitters Girlfriend jean

Shoes- Old Skool Vans

The clothes I bought of the website included a floral jumpsuit with ruffled straps and slightly cropped wide legs (this definitely has o e my favourite piece; as I cant stop wearing it); a red button down tea dress and finally a slightly cropped black satin cami with a square cut front. I can only praise the high quality feel of these items, and I would refer the sizing to be similar to Topshop’s for reference. It was extremely easy to style these items, seen in the photos throughout; however I would definitely recommend looking at these social media sites for outfit inspiration.

jumpsuit 1jumpsuit 2

Jumpsuit- Nobody’s Child

Top- Plain white T-shirt (can be bought form anywhere)

Jacket- Vintage denim jacket

Bag- Topshop black leather and suede Cross body bag

Shoes- Old Skool Vans

The discovery of this amazing clothing brand has convinced me to start to include more independently designed clothes within my everyday style; based on my really positive experience I urge you to check out the website for yourself and also discover similar brands which are also independently owned- I would love to know if you love any other brands! With the support of other style enthusiasts with a ‘passion for fashion’- sorry had to say it- we can show our support to these amazing brands. Until next time,

Hannah Miller xoxo

My Go To Spring Shoes…

It is officially spring 2017, meaning that we can finally start to pull away from winter boots and thick clothing (or at least I  along with the entire population of the UK would like to think!); and enjoy some spring shoes. The few pairs of shoes I have decided to include in this post, will totally make you want to invest in a few new pairs or better still; dig out last years spring shoes and start to wear them- because why not; it is technically Spring?

The first pair I have to tell you about is a nude (with light pink undertone) pair of backless loafers from Topshop. I absolutely love these shoes as the neutral colour is destined to go with all outfits, I usually pair these shoes with blue straight-leg jeans, a simple t-shirt or blouse and a loose cardigan with a cross body bag. However I can’t help but think how nice these shoes would look next to a smart suit co-ord or a simple tea dress- which I have noticed to become increasingly dominant whilst I refresh the ‘new in filter’ on high street retailer’s websites. Finally I can completely understand why this style of shoe (originally taken as an inspiration from a traditional Gucci Loafer), has become a fashion favourite as it offers comfort as well as style.

Next, and probably my favourite shoes from this small selection, is this pointed western boot design with a cut out heal and a wrap around the ankle buckle. I had originally seen this design on the Topshop website but never saw it in my local store, but luckily whilst in the Topshop York store I was able to try the shoe and eventually buy it. Named ‘The Madness’, this black suede shoes with silver embellished circles varying in size; has an amazing fit and looks great with any outfit. I especially adore how these shoes can add an edgy feel to any look, and the small heel size adds the perfect amount of height whilst still providing comfort. These shoes are also available in white leather, and I would highly recommend investing in these shoes if you can because this statement piece is soon to become a wardrobe staple.

Finally I have most recently bought this pair of baby pink suede mules from Primark, they resemble similar style shoes I have seen in both Urban Outfitters and Topshop (just with a smaller heal and price); as these gorgeous shoes only come with a price tag of £10. These shoes will be great to finish any outfit in Spring and into Summer and also to incorporate pastel colours into your wardrobe, as we move away from the dark colours haunting our winter wardrobes- I can admit that it has been my aim in the new year to pull away from primarily wearing dark colours and to inject colour into my style ; I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

I hope that you can also embrace Spring style and possibly gain some inspiration from the shoes I will mainly wearing this season; whether you are sifting through your dusty summer wardrobe of clothes or shopping for some new wardrobe staples I guarantee that the urge to embrace the Spring/ Summer style in these oncoming months will soon be too overwhelming to ignore. Happy shopping, until next time,

Hannah M xoxo

120 Hours In New York…

This throwback post dates back to December 2016 when I visited New York, and yes I am going to be cheesy and label this experience as a trip of a lifetime-sorry i can’t help it…       I am mainly going to let the photos to show the story of my amazing trip, however I can’t help but miss this trip when I reflect on the unforgettable memories captured within this lively city. Alongside taking photos on my phone, I decided to buy a few disposable cameras to capture special moments on; I especially love how these have turned out as the developed film gives a vintage look to the overall image- I hope these images help you fall in love with this city as much as they have effected me!



I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to be even sat here at 8pm on a Wednesday night drinking tea out of a New York Starbucks mug (Yes I am slightly sad like that… however It is vital that I mention how surprising the amount of Starbucks there actually were within the city compared to the single caffe which occupies Middlesbrough); discussing the things I got up to within the beautiful city.


During our trip, we obviously had to engage in typical tourist activities; such as taking an bus tour around the city (which was freezing in mid December, if you are planning to visit in Winter  definitely be prepared); shopping a little to much, a LOT of walking to sight see and importantly to view the christmas displays.



Now I definitely can’t write about my experience of my trip to the big city without sharing my shopping experience, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Most of my shopping took place in Urban Outfitters, which was great as the clothes were reasonably cheap due to many amazing offers available to use in store- it was safe to say most of savings where left here but in exchange for gorgeous clothes, obviously! Also another shop which stands out to be poplar location, was Sephora; after watching and reading about endless Sephora hauls online I was finally able to join the hype and look through makeup heaven.


I Hope you enjoyed looking back on this trip with me, If you ever have the chance I would highly recommend visiting (especially at Christmas to witness all of the festivities); as it gives you the opportunity to pretend to live the life of a city resident in New York- for a few days at least. There is something so amazing about standing still within a city that literally never sleeps, whether you are watching people quickly commute to and from work, standing to pay respect at the Twin Tower memorial, sitting peacefully in Central Park to take in the picturesque views, looking out onto the Statue of Liberty or encompassed by the hustle and bustle of Times square; you will always feel strong connection and emotions towards the constant environment. Until next time,

Hannah  xoxo


February Favourites…

This weeks post consists of the things I have been loving this month, from music to fashion there has been plenty of things that I couldn’t stop using throughout February.

As you may have been aware a popular fashion favourite worn by many, includes the blue light wash straight leg jean; captured in the style of both ‘Mom’ and ‘Girlfriend’ jeans. These wardrobe staples have been worn by many ,one of them being model Gigi Hadid who is always spotted in her Sandro Paris straight cut jeans, however after endless searching for a similar pair that fit nicely and have a reasonable price tag; I have fallen in love with these Girlfriend jeans from the brand BDG which are stocked in Urban Outfitters. I have found that these look great dressed down, tucked into a graphic/band t-shirt with a western style belt and a simple pair of trainers; however they can also be smarted with a light weight blouse or shirt (which seem to be adorned with ruffles or embroidery this season) and a pair of loafers or ankle sock boots- either looks fab!


Sticking to the theme of fashion, my go to shoes this past month has had to be my old skool style VANS; despite taking a while to break in (I have broken VANS in before in the past and despite being uncomfortable for the first few wears I would highly recommend battling through the pain as I guarantee that these shoes will become your new go-to pair). I know that these shoes have become a popular ‘trend’ recently, I have quoted ‘trend’ because in reality I am a true believer that we should enjoy fashion and wear what we want that makes us feel confident without the peer pressure of conforming to societies list of popular and socially acceptable clothing- a truly inspiring blog post that discusses the negative connotations being the pressure of trends within the world of fashion and the importance of individual acceptance of style was created by the talented blogger Sophia Rosemary; who I would really recommend checking out. However back on to the shoes, I believe that these trainers look great paired with a smart pair of cigarette trousers as well skirts and dresses and jeans- even the ones I have just previously mentioned.


Next is a DVD which captures the success and tensions of one of the most memorable British bands; Oasis. The two hour long documentary, directed by Mat Whitecross, captures the Gallagher brother’s road to success; the film which follows the band’s iconic history which has continued to shape the British music scene has modern commentary from the Band members each reflecting on their time in Oasis. As a fan of this band myself, I would highly recommend taking the time to watch this documentary as it reflect the major highs and lows of their experiences; and instantly reflects on the major success  of captured in their Knebworth gigs back in 1966- and it is almost impossible to not feel a sense of sadness when the captivating documentary filled with a mix of emotions eventually draws to an end. The film named ‘Supersonic’, an iconic song known as the bands first debut single, is available to buy at HMV– as well as the blue extended edition cover which is shown in the images below and trust me the added cost is easily justified by the extended footage and who wouldn’t  love to see more of  Liam and Noel.


My must have fragrance of this month has to be Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse; although I absolutely love this scent I have absolutely no idea what the exact smell is however I have looked at their website and it is described to enrapture ‘an alluring contrast of sparkling florals and sleek, sensual woods’. This fresh smell is honestly amazing and is the perfume that I am always drawn towards choosing on a morning- and based on  the amount I received at Christmas it must be obvious to others that this perfume is my all time favourite.


Although I would say that within the new year I have become more open and discovered a lot of new music artists; I have kept it pretty ‘typical Hannah’s music taste’ when it comes to this month’s music pick. I have decided to feature The 1975’s Milk 7″ vinyl , I am aware that I have recently featured this in my Record Collection blog post, however everything about this record is perfect and deserves to be talked about. Other than Milk being one of my favourite songs from The 1975, this record truly showcases The 1975’s consideration and care of atheistic (clearly seen in their uniquely stunning stage set used throughout their tours); the record itself is white to further symbolise the song; however I was pleasantly surprised to see a short phrase etched on to both A and B sides – their consideration for little features is something that I adore about this band.


This month I have been more experimental in what accessories I pair with outfits, I usually just wear my watch and matching bracelet along with simple earrings and the occasional couple of rings; however during February I have started to wear chokers. I admit that I am pretty late to the bandwagon of wearing this particular necklace however as my style has evolved and I have adapted the ability to feel comfortable wearing the things I like me not necessarily what is deemed pleasing to others; I thought it was the perfect opportunity to begin wearing more accessories. I have picked out my favourite chokers, which include this thin black velvet and silver circular patterned one (both from Topshop, however almost every clothing retailer sell these chokers); I particularly like wearing these two stacked on top of each other (I definitely copied this of my friend who I had seen wear this before and it looked great- thanks Katie!). Chokers will look great with any outfit, but if you are stuck on how to style these gorgeous accessories I usually pair mine with a simple white shirt and black skinny jeans with statement shoes.


Finally I have been loving reading more magazines this month, these include luxury coffee table magazines that focus on fashion and youth sub culture to more simple magazines which are released weekly. However this month I will be focusing on the NME, my rekindled interest within the NME originates from my studying the publication as a case study for my A Level Media exam (I know that this may be torturous to another college media student who studies print publication; but despite studying all of the information for just a simple magazine we mustn’t fall out of love with traditional print media-as we all know that print is preferred over digital). I would highly recommend picking up this magazine distributed for free in Topman, HMV, train stations and University campuses; if you have a particular interest in British music and are interested in reviews and news focusing around Music, Film and TV.


These are all the things that I have been loving this month, I hope that you have the chance to check some of these out yourself (all of the product I have found online have links) and love them as much as I have; until next time,

Hannah xoxo

Hometown Favourites… Visiting Mima…

This post is all about loving the facilities in your local area; and in my case I have decided that it is time that I start to appreciate the own I live in (Middlesbrough) and prove the negative stereotypical views forced upon the area. I have started this journey  by visiting a key facility within Middlesbrough; Mima modern art gallery. I am ashamed to say that it has been years since I have last visited Mima, the last time being in a school art trip, and decided that It was time I visited the gallery again.



Knowing my luck, I recently visited Mima when two of the three available exhibits were being changed over; meaning that only one exhibition named ‘The Middlesbrough Collection’ was available to view. However, this didn’t put us off at all but simply made us insist on making the decision to visit the gallery soon when the new exhibitions are available for the public to view.


I love the name of this exhibition, ‘The Middlesborough Collection’, because it not only unintentionally helps support my push for embracing and appreciating my local facilities; the collection can be seen as a salute towards the area and the amazing talented art within it.


On entrance, which avaialable free of charge for the public to use, I picked up a card that further explains the significance of the exhibition- which i would definitely recommend taking. The collection, which celebrates ten years of the galleries presence within Middlesbrough, was stated to have been shaped “through a dialogue between staff and the community, with the museum’s users, constituent groups and visitors suggesting it’s content”. I especially love this backstory to the collection as it adds sentimental value to the collection and truly showcases and values the various voices of the community within Middlesbrough. The images within this post capture some of the amazing art pieces within the collection and the vibrant and complimentary ways in which the meaningful art is presented.


The Middlesbrough collection is available to be viewed on both public and guided store tours which allow visitors to view pieces of the collection that are currently not on view and listen to short talks hosted by local enthusiasts. All of this information and more on future events held at Mima is available on their website;


Before leaving the gallery, we made a trip to the restaurant within Mima named ‘The Smeltery’. This perfectly complimented the surrounding environment that offered an amazing choice of food which is primarily vegetarian; and was accompanied by a view of the surrounding green area accompanied by the Middlesbrough library.


Overall, I insist that you visit Mima if you have the opportunity and take advantage of the free facilities within Middlesbrough; as it was a great opportunity to appreciate art in a relaxed and calming environment. Similarly if you are not located in or around Middlesbrough, I hope you too can start to appreciate some places that essentially shape an area and give it a sense of meaning-despite the fact that in reality we can all admit to have forgotten about them but this can soon change by showing your home town some love. Until next time,

Hannah M xoxo

My Record Collection…



Since starting my blog, writing a post about my growing record collection had to be one I was most excited to share. Since getting my record player about three christmases ago (it is a peachy orange coloured Crosley which I absolutely love!); I have been building up a collection of records. Despite being someone who loves to download all of my music onto my phone digitally, there’s something about having a physical copy of your favourite album and having to take the time to sit and listen to it play truly allows you to enjoy the music. In this posts I will show you all of my records and hopefully you can embrace this retro throwback and start to enjoy music in a different way.


The first record I ever bought is The Coral’s In The Morning 7″ single; this record definitely holds a place in my heart as the song ‘In The Morning’ instantly reminds me of my childhood- It would always play throughout our house and and the up beat sound makes it almost impossible to dance and sing along to James Skelly’s impressive vocals.image3.jpeg

Next is on to one one my all time favourite bands, The 1975, as you can see I have a few of their records and frequently listen to them all. The first record I bought out of these is their debut self titled album, I can remember waiting for them to release their first album back in 2012 after hearing a few of there singles; when released this album didn’t disappoint with a double LP capturing 16 meaningfully dark tracks. Following this I (and many others) embraced the bands uplifting transition into alternative pop music that had influences of electronic and 80’s music; shown throughout the bands second album (double LP) named ‘I Like It when You Sleep For You Are So beautiful But So Unaware Of It’. Despite being an insanely long album name to take in (and yes it did take me about five minutes to type out); the beauty and emotions within it caption the 17 tracks perfectly. As in all of their songs lead singer Matty Healy shares his vulnerability and passion throughout every track; including the songs ‘Nana’ and ‘She lays down’ which reflects on personal struggles experienced within his life. Finally, my last record in my collection from The 1975 is a limited edition 7″ single of their song ‘Milk’ (a track that was included in their song ‘You’ on their first album); I was so excited to get my hands on this limited record as ‘Milk’ has to be one of my favourite songs by the 1975- theres something about this guitar heavy, short track with sultry vocals that make this almost impossible to ignore.image11.jpeg

Next is a Years and Years album ‘Communion’, I won’t talk much about this one as although I love the upbeat vocals and rhythm shown throughout the thirteen track dance record; I must admit that I don’t regularly reach for this album as much as others within my collection however this doesn’t discredit the amazing songs within this record.


My record collection wouldn’t be complete without a strong female artists within the mix, Halsey proved her dominance within the music scene after the release of her album ‘Badlands’; the 12″ album with eleven tracks captures her powerful vocals that are struck with an edgy pop sound. Sadly this record isn’t played as much as it should be, due to the annoying skipping throughout some of the song- however everyone who owns records will know that this is a common downside.


Jake Bugg, also has quite a large section of my record collection at the moment I only own his first self titled debut album and  also his second album titled ‘ Shangri La’; one thing I love about his music is that although many know Jake for his country, indie rock sound the albums he has released show that he isn’t afraid to explore other genres of music. This is especially shown through his new album, ‘One My One’ that shows him to fearlessly explore his own take on hip hop and rap; this album will definitely have a place in my collection in the future.image6.jpeg

Although my record collection is heavily influenced by indie rock artists, I have a few odd pieces which capture popular chart music; that whether we want to ignore it or not has a huge influence on all of our music collections. In this case I can admit that yes I joined the hype and bought Justin Bieber’s latest album ‘Purpose’; the thirteen track LP captures popular dance and pop music which is entertaining to listen to. However, similar to Years and Years’ record I must admit that this is the album that I have listened to the least- but in no way does this blast the popular album in anyway.


Following this, I have The vaccines’ album, ‘What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?’ this album has a great mix of iconic songs; many in which are the most recognisable and definable of the band including ‘If You Wanna’, ‘Post Break-Up Sex’, ‘Norgaard’ and ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra ra)’. The amazing guitar solos within this album paired with the contagious lyrics can easily be described as the soundtrack to many lives.image4.jpeg

Based on my most recent music obsession it wouldn’t be right to not include Catfish and the Bottlemen’s two great albums ‘The Balcony’ and ‘The ride’; these two albums showcase lead singer Van Mccann’s amazing vocals projecting meaningful lyrics; there’s something about listening to songs such as ‘Kathleen’ that allow you to escape from everyday stresses. By simply looking in my College, this band have dominated young people and it is clear that their music has had a huge influence on their lives.


It wouldn’t be a record collection if I didn’t include something from Oasis, this album definitely won’t be the only one I buy; but simply a starter. I definitely don’t have to explain why Oasis are an iconic band, however the vocals of both Liam and Noel within the songs on this 12″ album enforce the timeless image both the Gallagher brothers instead their band will have. Some of my personal favourites, include ‘She’s Electric’, ‘Talk Tonight’ and ‘Underneath the Sky’.image2.jpeg

Finally we have come to the end of my record collection and have ended on my most favoured records, The Blossoms self titled debut album; not only do I love their unique songs but their presentation as a normal working class group of mates who have worked on music growing up together in Stockport couldn’t be more true. As you may have already noticed I attended a signing at HMV in Middlesbrough in which they performed a selection of songs from their album; what further attracted me to them as an audience is their ability to perform their music and have it sound exactly as it on the album- not to mention their amazing style. As I write this they have been nominated for the Brit awards British Brakethrough Act, this band is definitely blowing up as we speak however I urge you to hear lead singer Tom Ogden’s voice in person; you definitely won’t regret it.

Hannah M xoxo


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